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Specialty Accessoires


CT101/CT102 Advanced Large Diameter Fibre Cleavers


The CT-101/CT-102 is designed for cleaving silica fibres from 80 to 250μm clad fibre. This cleaver is equipped with a motorized diamond blade that touches the fibre after tension has been applied providing high-strength cleaving capability. The diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality and the cleave length can be modified from 3 to 40mm. The cleave angle is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees. It runs on AC or battery power.


  • Advanced optical fibre cleaver
  • Diamond blade is field replaceable
  • Angled cleaving from 0 – 15 degrees
  • Blade life of 20,000 cleaves
  • Large diameter fibre cleaving capability
  • Cleaving up to 250μm clad diameter




CT104 Large Diameter Fibre Cleaver


The CT-104 is a high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleaver designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation. The CT-104 offers high precision LDF cleaving capability – applicable from 80 μm up to 600 μm diameter fibres. CT-104 provides advanced capabilities; including extensive programmable features to ensure optimal and consistent results.
Such features include:storage for up to 100 program modes, a blade life of 20,000 fibres with a cladding diameter of 125μm and applicable optical fibre include not only solid glass optical fibres but also microstructured fibres and capillaries:


  • Applicable from 80μm to 600μm diameter fibres
  • Manual fibre clamp system can be used with a torque driver if required
  • The Cleavers can store up to 100 program modes
  • Fibre holder adapter for FH-100 series is (optional)
  • Communication to a PC via USB




CT105 / CT106 Advanced Large Diameter Fibre Cleavers


When exceptional cleave quality is required for fibres up to 1,250μm, the new large diameter CT-105/CT-106 cleaver family provides both flat and angled cleaves using an automatic clamping system with programmable force. The colour LCD shows cleaving progress and recommended insert size depending on fibre coating and clad diameter. Saving and storing cleaving programs to a PC or tablet is accomplished using a USB port. The LDF cleaver’s extensive programming features allow for optimal results.


  • Applicable up to 1,250μm diameter fibres
  • Automatic clamping system
  • Up to 100 program modes can be stored
  • Angled cleaving function on CT-106
  • 20,000 cleave per blade for 125μm fibre
  • Fibre backstop standard on all cleavers




FSR-05 / FSR-06 / FSR-07 Optical Fibre Recoaters


The FSR-05/06/07 Series provides quick, reliable, and consistent recoating performance. A quick exchange mold and injection pump assembly makes setup fast and easy. The quick exchange pump assembly also incorporates a unique bubble elimination design that purges air from the acrylate as it is pumped to the mold. Programmable features make creating and storing fibre specific programs a breeze.

FSR Recoater Series features easy-to-exchange molds for common coating sizes including; 195μm, 255μm, 280μm, 450μm, 670μm and 1,000μm. The FSR Recoater Series provides coloured and non-coloured fibre recoating capability, with an automatic operation and easy recoating resin exchange. The resin injection quantity, UV curing time, operation procedure programming can be viewed on the LCD screen.

The FSR-05/06/07 Series adds to Fujikura’s ARCMaster™ product line which features the CO2 laser splicing system, specialty fusion splicers, specialty cleavers, strippers and accessories.


  • High quality shape of recoating
  • Automated easy operation
  • Coloured and non-coloured fibre recoating capability
  • Various sizes of mold are available (195 μm, 255 μm, 280 μm, 450 μm, 670 μm and 1000 μm)
  • Easy mold, resin and pump exchange
  • Selectable proof-tester (FSR-05: no tension; FSR-06: 0.5kgf ~ 2.0kgf; FSR-07: 0.5kgf ~ 10.0kgf)




PCS-100 Polymide Coating Stripper


Polyimide coated optical fibres are now widely used in the oil and gas and medical industries. Polyimide coating has superior heat and chemical resistance to conventional UV curable coating material, but the coating requires additional care to remove.

Dangerous chemical stripping using hot sulfuric acid or burning the coating off are common methods to strip the fibre due to the thin coating and strong coating adhesion to the fibre clad. PCS-100 Polyimide Fibre Coating Stripper is the first tool that uses a mechanical stripping method, providing a safe, consistent and quick stripping solution.


  • Quick stripping of a fibre (minimum 23sec.)
  • Window stripping available
  • High quality, safe stripping with no oxidation by burning
  • Adjustable parameters for various fibre coating sizes, including polyimide coated carbon fibre
  • Mechanical fibre proof-tester




APM-101/102 Automatic Preparation Machine


The APM-101/102 performs all the steps required to prepare optical fibres before splicing automatically and with high consistency. This includes stripping the fibre without degrading fibre quality, cleaning fibre with alcohol to remove coating residue, and cleaving consistently at a right angle to the fibre axis. The entire process is complete in as little as 23 seconds.

The APM-101/102 Series can be used in conjunction with Fujikura’s ARCMaster™ product line by enabling fibre holder compatibility. APM-101 is used in combination with Fibre Holders FH-100-250/FH-100-250EV/FH-40-250 and APM-102 operates with Fibre Holders FH-60-250.


  • Automatic operation – no skills required
  • Automatic residue collector
  • Alcohol circulation system
  • Diamond blade for consistent cleave quality
  • Reliable stripping method
  • Production-friendly design