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CT-30 High Precision Cleavers


Designed for excellent portability, the CT-30 is equally at home in a splicing van or in a head-end and is ideal for all telco applications. The 16-position blade yields 48,000 single-fibres cleaves, or 4,000 12-fibre ribbon cleaves before requiring replacement. The built-in scrap collector conveniently stores fibre shards until they can be safely discarded and standard package includes three scrap collection options that allow the user to tailor it to their cleaving preference. The CT-30 is set up to use with fibre holder system and with the addition of the fibre plate (AD-30A) it converts to a CT-30A which is very commonly used in the field.


  • Small size, lightweight, and easy handling
  • Applicable up to 12-fibre ribbon cleaving
  • 3 fibre collector options equipped as standard
  • 3-action operation including fibre scrap collection
  • Operation: Push back blade -> Set fibre -> Close body
  • Blade speed and anvil speed are mechanically controlled
  • Blade is common to CT-20 series cleavers
  • 16 rotating positions, 3 height positions, 48,000 cleaving




CT-06 High Precision Cleavers


Fujikura’s CT-06 fibre optic cleaver provides high quality cleaving at outstanding cost performance. Designed for single fibres, this high precision cleaver is ideal for FTTH fusion splicing, field installable connector and mechanical splice applications. The robust design of the CT-06 meets or exceeds cleaving quality of more expensive cleavers available on the market.


  • Single fibre cleaver.
  • Long blade life – up to 48,000 cleaves.
  • Cleave length 5-20mm using fibre plate AD-10.
  • Coating diameter 250-900um (2/3mm cord & drop cable with AD-30C.)
  • Fibre holder compatible.
  • Detachable scrap collector included.




RS02 – RS03 Ribbon Fiber Stripper


The RS02/RS03 is designed and developed with emphasis on operability and usability where less force is required for the stripping process. Furthermore wireless link with smartphones for operational parameters adjustment. These fiber stripping tools are also compatible with stripping Fujikura latest Spider Web RibbonTM ,which consists of optical fibers (with a coating diameter of 250μm or 200 μm) fixed intermittently.

The RS03 is equipped with new features such as large capacity battery for 600 stripping cycles, 6 times larger than conventional stripper.


  • 80% gripping force as compete with previous model
  • Fast Heating Time
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High capacity battery approx. 600 times(RS03 only)
  • Bluetooth capable for wireless connection with Smartphones