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NanoFlow | Air Blown fiber FTTH



Provides easy, efficient, seamless and automatic FTTH installation…
– backed by the BEST factory warranty in the business!

  • Fully automatic fiber blowing machine with unique double fiber protection
  • Battery-powered (independent of 110V/230V)
  • Quick load of fiber and duct
  • No tools needed = very easy to configure/operate/start up
  • Easy to open and close by hand
  • Easy load and removal of pre-connected products from the machine without cutting.
  • Easy-to-read LED display (also at daylight), showing speed, distance, fiber protection and low battery information
  • Can be placed in multiple positions for fiber blowing
  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Delivered in practical carrying case with quick guide
  • Can be used with or without air
  • 36 months warranty

NanoFlow Specifications:

  • Cable Diameter: 0.8-2.8 mm
  • Into Ducts: 3-10 mm
  • Fiber Blowing Distance: < 1.2 km
  • Max. Speed: 150 m/min






MICROFLOW | The Machine, for Air Blown Fiber optic cable FTTH installation


MicroFlow Touch – for Air Blown Fiber Optic Cable

Of all fiber blowing machines on the FTTH-market this machine is the only one designed with magnetic Buckle-detection for high safety and quality for you and your customer.

The MicroFlow is designed for air blown fiber and small fiber optic cables.
Therefore, with this fully automatic fiber blowing machine you secure fast and reliable optical fiber blowing.

MicroFlow Touch Specifications:

  • Cable Diameter: 0.8-5.0 mm
  • Into Ducts: 5-16 mm
  • Fiber Blowing Distance: < 2.5 km
  • Max. Speed: 90 m/min






Cable Blowing Machine | Miniflow RAPID | for Fiber optic cable blowing


MiniFlow RAPID

Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine (Hydraulic Driven)

With this smooth and compact looking blowing machine, you can handle cables and fibers from 3-12 mm and blowthem into ducts of 7-20 mm. The MiniFlow RAPID is a compact designed blowing machine that is very easy to handle and operate.

MiniFlow Rapid Specifications:

  • Cable Diameter: 3-12 mm
  • Into Ducts: 7-20 mm
  • Fiber Blowing Distance: < 3.5 km
  • Max. Speed: 100 m/min






The Powerflow a Rock Solid Cable and Fiber Blowing Machine



Fiber Blowing Machine
(Hydraulic Driven)

Of all fiber blowing machines, this cable and fiber blowing machine is very strong.

It is built and designed for rough conditions and for blowing in a huge variety of cables, fibers and ducts.

And do not forget! The PowerFlow is still easy to handle and operate.

PowerFlow Specifications:

  • Cable Diameter: 8-25 mm
  • Into Ducts: 18-70 mm
  • Fiber Blowing Distance: < 10 km
  • Max. Speed: 80 m/min






The Multiflow a Cable Blowing Machine designed for Relining of micro ducts



Relining of Microducts into Ducts (Hydraulic Driven)

Within the range of our fiber blowing machines, this is a very flexible machine.

It is built and designed for rough conditions and easy handling and operation.

The MultiFlow is especially designed for relining of multiple micro ducts, but with the cable and fiber blowing kit, it can be used and operated as all normal cable and fiber blowing machines.

MultiFlow Specifications:

  • Cable Diameter: On demand
  • Into Ducts: 18-70 mm
  • Fiber Blowing Distance: < 10 km
  • Max. Speed: 80 m/min