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MXT4 Signal Generator

Together with the MXL4-D and MXL4-DBG Cable Detectors forms a versatile, all-round package for tracing and detecting cables and pipes over large distances.

With the six different output frequencies, including the combined frequency - 33 + 131kHz, thin and / or poorly grounded cables as well as several cables can be simultaneously signaled and detected by means of direct connection either through the simple induction method via the ground or via the winding method. This optimizes the performance of the Cable Detector and allows the user to locate more underground cables and pipelines, including those for house connections and public lighting.
The unique thing about the MXT4 Signal Generator is that it is equipped with data logging, which means that all activities are stored in the internal memory for twelve months! In addition, the MXT4 has an illuminated LCD screen with high resolution and an Automatic Daily Self Test is performed every day; the results of this self-test are saved, after which a Product Validation Certificate can possibly be printed (these functions can also be found on the SGV4).
Due to the digital electronics, no annual calibration is required, which saves costs and, moreover, the equipment can be used without interruption. The SGV4 has a sealing degree of IP65, a handy compartment for storing the standard accessories and has a warranty period of no less than three years!
·   Data logging.
·   Automatic Daily Self Test.
·   Illuminated LCD screen with high resolution.
·   One-watt adjustable output power with four positions.
·   Six frequencies; 512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 131kHz and combined 33 + 131kHz.
·   Choice from a pulsed or continuous signal; ideal for situations with a lot of interference.
·   Signal application via direct connection, via induction or via the winding method.
·   Audio signal during use, which can be switched off by means of a mute button included accessories: connection cables, earth pin, connection magnets and 10 m. earth cable.
·   Light in weight and user-friendly.
·   Storage compartment for accessories.
·   IP65; dust and water resistant.
·   Three year warranty.
·   Calibration free.