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LZM-100 CO2 Laser Splicing and Glass Processing System

The LZM-100 LAZERMaster is a glass processing and splicing system that uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, adiabatic tapering (to create MFAs or pump combiners), lensing or other glass shaping applications. The high resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with user-friendly on-board firmware for full automatic operation. The LZM-100 can also be used manually or by PC control.

  • An advanced configurable system capable of producing tapers, ball lenses, combiners, MFA’s and End-Cap splicing
  • FPS PC GUI provides easy and simple glass processing application design
  • Splices and processes fibres up to 2.3 mm clad diameter
  • Long travel / high resolution Z motion for up to 150mm tapers
  • End-View observation and alignment system option
  • Very clean heat source CO2 Laser: Absolutely no deposits on fibre surface as might occur with arc discharge electrodes
  • CO2 Laser heat source provides extremely stable and easily operation with virtually no consumables or maintenance
  • Laser beam size, shape and power can be tailored to meet customer requirements
  • Simple on-board menus and parameters common to the FSM-100 series splicers
  • Complete set of PC command codes enables users to develop proprietary processes



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