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FSR-05/ FSR-06/ FSR-07


FSR-05 / FSR-06 / FSR-07 Optical Fibre Recoaters


The FSR-05/06/07 Series provides quick, reliable, and consistent recoating performance. A quick exchange mold and injection pump assembly makes setup fast and easy. The quick exchange pump assembly also incorporates a unique bubble elimination design that purges air from the acrylate as it is pumped to the mold. Programmable features make creating and storing fibre specific programs a breeze.

FSR Recoater Series features easy-to-exchange molds for common coating sizes including; 195μm, 255μm, 280μm, 450μm, 670μm and 1,000μm. The FSR Recoater Series provides coloured and non-coloured fibre recoating capability, with an automatic operation and easy recoating resin exchange. The resin injection quantity, UV curing time, operation procedure programming can be viewed on the LCD screen.

The FSR-05/06/07 Series adds to Fujikura’s ARCMaster™ product line which features the CO2 laser splicing system, specialty fusion splicers, specialty cleavers, strippers and accessories.


  • High quality shape of recoating
  • Automated easy operation
  • Coloured and non-coloured fibre recoating capability
  • Various sizes of mold are available (195 μm, 255 μm, 280 μm, 450 μm, 670 μm and 1000 μm)
  • Easy mold, resin and pump exchange
  • Selectable proof-tester (FSR-05: no tension; FSR-06: 0.5kgf ~ 2.0kgf; FSR-07: 0.5kgf ~ 10.0kgf)