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FSM-100 Series


FSM-100 Series ARCMaster® Fusion Splicers

The FSM-100M/FSM-100P are the standard models of FSM-100 series and offer a host of innovative technologies to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory, manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications. The FSM-100M/FSM-100P have the capability to splice 60 to 500um clad diameter fibre which includes dissimilar diameter/fibre type combination splicing. The FSM-100P has been equipped with fibre rotation units to align polarisation maintaining fibres with advanced alignment software. The FSM-100M+/FSM-100P+ have the capability to splice up to 1200μm extra-large diameter fibres using an electrode oscillation function in addition to all the FSM-100M/FSM-100P functions. Furthermore the FSM-100M+/FSM-100P+ also have a fibre end-view observation system to align non-circular symmetry structured fibres such as octagonal clad fibre, PM-PCF and so on.

  • Up to 500μm clad diameter fibre splicing (FSM-100M/ FSM-100P)
  • Up to 1200μm clad diameter fibre splicing (FSM-100M+/ FSM-100P+)
  • Advanced PM fibre alignment methods (FSM-100P, FSM-100P+)
  • End-view observation system (FSM-100M+, FSM-100P+)
  • Advanced plasma zone control methods
  • Enhanced arc calibration methods
  • Dual splice loss estimation
  • Enhanced sweep arc
  • Fibre profile learning function
  • Enhanced ability for fibre shaping, ball lensing and tapering