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CT101/CT102 Advanced Large Diameter Fibre Cleavers


The CT-101/CT-102 is designed for cleaving silica fibres from 80 to 250μm clad fibre. This cleaver is equipped with a motorized diamond blade that touches the fibre after tension has been applied providing high-strength cleaving capability. The diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality and the cleave length can be modified from 3 to 40mm. The cleave angle is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees. It runs on AC or battery power.


  • Advanced optical fibre cleaver
  • Diamond blade is field replaceable
  • Angled cleaving from 0 – 15 degrees
  • Blade life of 20,000 cleaves
  • Large diameter fibre cleaving capability
  • Cleaving up to 250μm clad diameter