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C-Scope – MXL4 – DBG

The C.Scope MXL4-DBG multi-frequency Cable Detector with depth measurement, data logging, Bluetooth and GPS is completely new. With data logging, the searches are stored in the internal memory for twelve months and it can be traced which Cable detector was used where, when and on which search mode. Via the built-in Bluetooth function, the stored data can be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or PC and with the GPS function, a positioning is added to the measurements that can later be viewed via Google Earth or Google Maps.

With the six different output frequencies, including the combined frequency - 33 + 131 kHz, a large variety of cables and lines can be quickly and accurately detected by using. direct connection, through the simple induction method via the ground or via the winding method. With the optimized Locator Sensitivity and Noise Rejection, the MXL4-DBG works even at very high levels of background interference, allowing even the weakest signals to be detected (there is also a version without GPS and Bluetooth function; the MXL4-D).
Due to the digital electronics, no annual calibration is required, which saves costs and, moreover, the equipment can be used without interruption. The MXL4-DBG has sealing degree IP65, can be used as a standalone unit or possibly in combination with the MXT4 Signal Generator and has a warranty period of no less than three years!

four search modes, i.e. :

  • Power – for detecting live cables.
  •  Radio – for detecting the radio signals that are often already present on cables and metal pipes.
  •  Generator – when using the Cable Detector in combination with the MXT4 Signal Generator, allowing even more cables and lines to be traced (for more info; see MXT4).
  • AllScan – for detecting all present signals.
  • six frequencies; 512Hz, 640Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz, 131kHz and combined 33 + 131kHz.
  •  Data logging.
  •  Signal current measurement.
  •  Automatic Daily Self Test; the results of this self-test are saved, after which a Product Validation Certificate can possibly be printed.
  • AlarmZone function; warning for exceptionally shallow cables and pipes.
  •  PeakHold; longer display of the maximum meter reading.
  •  SwingSensor; by means of an audio signal it is indicated that a large swinging movement is being made, which can lead to an inaccurate location determination.
  • Depth measurement.
  •  Distinctive sound tone per search mode the backlit LCD display shows the search mode, signal strength and battery condition.
  • Detachable speaker for use in noisy environments.
  •  Maximum detection depth of 3 m.
  •  Lightweight and easy to use.
  •  Batteries included (for continuous use of approx. 40 hours).
  •  Little prior knowledge required; on-site training can be offered as an option.
  •  IP65; dust and spray waterproof.
  •  Three year warranty.
  •  Calibration free