Fujikura LazerMaster LZM-100

Fujikura’s new LZM-100 “LAZERMaster” has been developed to meet the most demanding requirements for photonics applications. While sharing many features and the ease of use of the Fujikura FSM-100 ARCMaster fusion splicers, the LAZERMaster utilizes a CO2 laser heat source and other advanced functionality to provide unprecedented capabilities, performance, and reliability for splicing, tapering, and other glass shaping operations.

    CO2 Laser Heat Source for Splicing & Glass Shaping:

  • Very clean heat source: Absolutely no deposits on fier surface as might occur with fiaments or electrodes
  • Provides extremely stable & repeatable operation with virtually no maintenance
  • Eliminates electrode or fiament instability and maintenance & calibration requirements
  • Proprietary feedback system ensures heating power stability
  • No need for process gas (as required with fiament systems)
  • Redundant automated laser safety features
  • Excellent performance for dissimilar diameter fier splicing
  • Tremendous Capability for R&D and Production:
  • Ultra high-strength splicing
  • Splices and processes fiers with up to 2.3 mm diameter
  • Long travel / high resolution Z motion for very long adiabatic tapers
  • Onboard multi-step “Special Functions” simplifis complicated glass shaping processes
  • SpliceLab PC GUI provides additional glass shaping control & measurement capabilities
    Adaptable to Meet Specifi Customer Needs:

  • An advanced confiurable system capable of producing tapers, ball lenses, combiners, MFA’s, glass shaping and splicing
  • Customizable chassis & mechanical architecture
  • Laser beam size, shape & power can be tailored to meet customer requirements
  • Complete set of PC command codes enables users to develop proprietary processes
  • End-View observation & alignment system option
    Simple & Easy Operation:

  • Simple onboard menus and parameters common to Fujikura FSM-100 splicers
  • Intuitive SpliceLab PC GUI: Easy to understand, navigate and operate
  • Patented “split v-groove” clamping system automatically adjusts for 80 to 2,300 µm fiers
  • Compatible with standard fier preparation equipment and methods

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